D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser isn’t finished taking the COVID19 pandemic very, very seriously:

More from WTOP:

The extension allows D.C. to continue to receive federal reimbursement funds, federal relief and recovery grants related to COVID-19, as well as entering or continuing participation in programs that help with the city’s response to the coronavirus. The order also keeps the District’s Emergency Operations Center partially or fully active at “the discretion of the City Administrator.”

The District will continue to maintain some of its COVID-19 preventive measures, including retaining sites for isolation and quarantine and programs for medically vulnerable people. Lastly, the city can continue issuing guidance to businesses and city agencies to “aid them in maintaining safe operations.”

This is for your own good, people of Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser’s only looking out for your best interests.


Really, though, this is ridiculous.

Hey, it’s important for Muriel Bowser to keep imposing restrictions. She needs stuff to violate, after all.

Count on it.



‘Masks are for peasants’: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is just openly, gleefully flaunting her hypocrisy now [photo]