Times are tough for a lot of people, so it’s good to know that Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser is making the best of the situation — by making things a lot less tough for herself:

There’s certainly no shortage of empowered female camaraderie in that photo, but we can’t help but feel like something’s still missing. What could it be?

Ah! That’s it! We knew something was missing!

Yeah, Mayor Bowser … where’d the masks go?

When did that happen? She didn’t issue a proclamation or anything!

And see, that’s the problem. It’s not that she’s not wearing a mask; it’s that she’s not wearing a mask while telling everyone else that they have to wear a mask.

Some mayors are more equal than others.

You really do have to laugh at this point, or risk serious injury from slamming your head against the wall.

Anyway, at least Muriel Bowser has taught us a valuable lesson:



GASLIGHTING: DC Mayor Bowser denied she violated her own indoor mask mandate even though there is photographic proof she did