Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema made a grave and unforgivable mistake: she didn’t bend her knee to the mob.

After pro-illegal-immigration activists followed her into an ASU bathroom, where they harassed her and filmed her without her consent, Sen. Sinema not only didn’t apologize for having offended the protesters, but she had the nerve to condemn their actions.

That’s not how it was supposed to go. She was supposed to repent. If only she had, she might not have found herself the target of bitter, malicious mockery.

In today’s “Morning Jolt,” NRO’s Jim Geraghty took an insightful look at other political figures — including some liberals — who have been targeted by the Left for refusing to abide by the Left’s rules. Geraghty put the highlights into an excellent thread, which we wholeheartedly recommend reading (along with his always must-read “Morning Jolt”):

What was once considered sexist is now considered good and proper by liberal feminists.

One needn’t agree with all of Kyrsten Sinema’s positions in order to stick up for her right to be treated like a person.

Jim Geraghty’s perspective is far more fair than anything being championed by the so-called “progressive” Left. Almost as if the progressive Left could learn a lot from Jim Geraghty.