We’re sorry for so many posts about activists following Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into an ASU restroom and filming the whole thing, but even President Joe Biden has weighed in on it, saying that “it happens to everybody” and is “part of the process.” There are so many bad takes floating around, and “feminist” website Jezebel just comes right out and says that those activists were bullying Sinema to get what they wanted. Jezebel says Sinema “absolutely” should be bullied outside of her bathroom stall.

Biden’s take might be the worst, considering the source, but Jezebel’s Ashley Reese says he’s absolutely right that it’s just “part of the process”:

He’s right. And for all the pearl-clutching, few are providing a more effective and safe alternative to what these activists did. They told Sinema, to her face—and through a door—that she was failing them and why. There was no violence, no rude language, nothing. Just a few constituents following their representative into a large bathroom to air their grievances. What should they have done instead? Call her office and direct their ire through a receptionist like surely countless Americans do each day? Write her a letter she won’t read? Vote her into office again and hope that, this time, she’ll deign them important enough to listen to?

But maybe it’s easier to act like a public bathroom is a sacred place than criticize the fact that Sinema decided to hide from her voters like a coward.

“What should they have done instead?” Um, maybe wait until she was finished in the bathroom and had come out? Just spitballin’.

Jezebel’s are consistently worse but don’t get the engagement of Slate.

And she’s getting a kick out of the ratio:

Again, credit to Jezebel for calling it bullying and coming out as pro-bullying.