Yesterday, a group of very civil, concerned protesters decided to politely confront Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over her resistance to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

By following her into a bathroom.

These sickos appear to have broken the law, and you can be sure that if it had been AOC in that bathroom and not Kyrsten Sinema, we’d be smack-dab in the middle of a full-blown media and liberal outrage cycle.

Instead, we’ve got tributes to the protesters’ bravery and suggestions that Sen. Sinema had it coming to her.

Here’s Sawyer Hackett, the same guy who kicked off the media and liberal outrage cycle surrounding the false narrative about mounted Border Patrol agents using whips on Haitian migrants:

*Confronting a senator in a public bathroom. A bathroom. And filming it. Without her consent.

How about Sen. Sinema’s humanity and dignity? Did we mention that she was in the bathroom?

Maybe we should follow Sawyer into the bathroom to ask him why he thought it was OK to kneecap Border Patrol and get agents into trouble for doing nothing wrong. And film it, of course.

It’s only fair.