Texas Democratic lieutenant gubernatorial hopeful Matthew Dowd has deleted around 175,000 tweets since throwing his hat into the ring.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked Dowd about that today. And Dowd did not appreciate her line of questioning, thank you very much:

More from Mediaite:

Keilar asked Dowd why did he do it, and as Dowd reiterated that he was trying to clean house, she countered that “this isn’t like emptying your email inbox.” Dowd continued to dismiss concerns by saying that his history is already on public record, but Keilar asked once more “Why delete them?”

“You know that is going to raise eyebrows,” Keilar said. “It’s going to elicit scrutiny. In the age of when anyone deletes anything or isn’t forthcoming with, say, emails, we know where this goes. You know it is going to grab attention.”

Dowd doesn’t understand why it’s grabbing anyone’s attention:

“So what I think is happening, Brianna, and I think it’s unfortunate, is Fox News does this, which is dream of some conspiracy theory, as they always do, which obviously has nothing to do with anything of what we’re talking about. And then people again to repeat it. Again, I cleaned up my inbox in May or June, just deleted all of old tweets. I think I have 5,000 sitting there. I just think we shouldn’t play into Fox News’ sort of conspiracy theories.”

So now CNN is doing Fox News’ bidding? Classic.

Matthew Dowd is really trying to make stuff up, though. That’s kind of what he does.

And Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, like so many of us, sees right through him:

Long story short: