Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley informed us today that pro-life laws are “rooted in patriarchy and white supremacy,” which is why they hurt LGBT people, BIPOC, immigrants, and the disabled the most. Pressley’s sentiments were echoed by Texas Equal Access Fund community organizer and abortion activist Maleeha Aziz:

These are stupid and ignorant statements, of course, but as we’ve learned by now, it can always get much, much worse.

That’s where Texas OB/GYN and abortion provider Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi comes in:

Well, that’s certainly one way to look at it …

We remember. We knew it was a crock back then, too, just like it is today.

They’re not even trying to hide it. They’re actively advocating for the right to kill innocent unborn children, knowing full well that abortions are rarely performed to save the mother’s (or birthing person’s) life and frequently performed for the purpose of later-stage birth control.

No woman who values life — her own or her unborn child’s — should ever be “cared” for by Dr. Moayedi. She’s a monster.