As we told you earlier, the brilliant Matthew Dowd has announced his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. As a Democrat, of course. Because when it comes to brilliance, Democrats can’t be beat.

Did we mention that Matthew Dowd is brilliant? Because Matthew Dowd has mentioned it. It’s on his website and everything! Well, essentially.

While technically Dowd doesn’t use the word “brilliant” on his “About” page, what he does say collectively screams “Matthew Dowd is brilliant, you guys! Really and truly brilliant!”

Have a look:

What a renaissance man.

And you’d better believe we’re here for it.


Hey, man. He’s got to leave some stuff out if he’s going to keep his bio short and sweet.

Hey, man. Whatever it takes. Because Beto O’Rourke can’t be Texas Governor without the awesome power of Matthew Dowd’s widely respected influential and visionary and spiritual voice behind him.