Last night, we told you about Frederick Joseph, a New York Times bestselling author former national surrogate for both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

After taking his dog to the dog park with his fiancée and encountering a fellow dog owner who got pretty nasty, he decided that the best course of action was to record it, broadcast it, and get the woman doxxed and subsequently fired.

He only had to wait a few hours:

Frederick finds it “unfortunate” that this happened:

Emma got fired, Derek. That’s the only “resolution” Frederick was looking for.

Not sure what Frederick would know about being better, considering he retaliated against a random woman who was really rude to him by broadcasting her name to all of his Twitter followers and getting her fired from her job.

Because Frederick Joseph is not actually better than Emma. He is, in fact, arguable far worse.

That’s him.

He did indeed. A bunch of times:

(Still more where those came from.)

Frederick Joseph does indeed appear to have some problems:

He really just likes to get people into trouble, which is not the same as cancel culture, apparently:

This dude’s got issues.