Jen Psaki revealed today that the Biden administration is banning the use of horses by Border Patrol agents in Del Rio, Texas. Mounted agents have been attempting to control the influx of migrants at the southern border.

Apparently some Border Patrol agents think that could pose a major problem for their efforts:

But as it turns out, there’s no cause for concern. Because, like DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reiterated earlier this week, Jen Psaki explained to Fox News’ Peter Doocy today that the border is certainly not an open one. Weirdly, Doocy didn’t seem to believe her:

Is there a doctor in the house? We can’t imagine that Jen Psaki survived that mic drop without sustaining some serious injuries.

Peter Doocy is a thorn in Jen Psaki’s side. A necessary one.

Talking about pregnant women isn’t smart either, Jen. Birthing persons. They’re called birthing persons.