Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Joy Reid complained that the media’s interest in Gabby Petito’s disappearance — and the subsequent discovery of her body — was driven by and a product of “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

NPR’s version wasn’t quite as inflammatory as Reid’s:

Washington Post national politics reporter Eugene Scott also highlighted the racial disparity when it comes to covering missing persons:

What all of the examples above have in common, other than having a demonstrable liberal bias, is that they all have a platform with which they could draw attention to missing people of color — and they’ve largely chosen not to.

Add CBS News to the list:

And no list of shameless media outlets can be complete without CNN:

Here’s Chris Cuomo, too:

And there are still countless other media outlets that are shocked — shocked! — that the media haven’t given missing persons of color the attention they deserve.

Uh, hello?

Media, heal thyselves.

The media taking some initiative instead of just complaining about the media not taking initiative? So crazy, it just might work.

It’s easy if you try, media.