The case of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, who went missing before being discovered dead in Teton National Park, got quite a bit of media coverage over the weekend. Much to some in the media’s chagrin. Joy Reid, for instance, railed against this latest example of “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

NPR has discussed the apparent lack of interest in missing nonwhite women:

For his part, Washington Post national political reporter Eugene Scott is also drawing attention to the media’s lack of attention to missing indigenous women:

Their stories didn’t lead the news cycles. So weird, right? If only Eugene knew some people who could do something about that … but who? Who could possibly fix this problem?

You know who does work at the Washington Post, Eugene? See if you can think of someone.

It’s pretty annoying, actually. But it happens all the time.

And maybe see a doctor about that selective blindness. Seems to be very contagious in media circles.