White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain dedicates most of his Twitter feed these days to straight retweets of Jen Rubin, Bill Kristol, and other intellectually dishonest Principled Conservative™ hacks. But occasionally he adds a little something of his own to a retweet.

President Barack Obama’s former Auto Task Force head and current “Morning Joe” economic analyst Steven Rattner shared some news today:

Well, Ron was very, very excited about this and wanted to know everyone knew who was responsible:

Well, pop the champagne! Thank you, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

OK, but can we please talk about how awesome the Biden-Harris plan is?

Will wonders never cease?

Hey, the Biden-Harris plan was to Build Back Better, and inflation is back and better than ever, baby!

Oh, don’t worry. That’s still a thing. They’re going to shut down the virus by withholding potentially lifesaving treatment to stick it to red state governors.

The best of the Biden-Harris plan is yet to come, rest assured!