Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley’s spokesman recently released a statement meant to explain that what Milley actually did with regard to allegedly trying to undermine Donald Trump wasn’t nearly as bad as it’s been made out to be.

But according to a new report by Fox News, Donald Trump’s acting SecDef Christopher Miller says that Milley’s calls with China were not, in fact, “keeping with these duties and responsibilities conveying reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability,” and they were not authorized by the Department of Defense.

More from Fox News:

Former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, who led the Pentagon from the period after the 2020 election through Inauguration Day, said that he “did not and would not ever authorize” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to have “secret” calls with his Chinese counterpart, describing the allegations as a “disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination,” and calling on him to resign “immediately.”

In a statement to Fox News, Miller said that the United States Armed Forces, from its inception, has “operated under the inviolable principle of civilian control of the military.”

“If the reporting in Woodward’s book is accurate, it represents a disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination by the Nation’s top military officer,” Miller said, adding that if the story of Milley’s “histrionic outbursts and unsanctioned, anti-Constitutional involvement in foreign policy prove true, he must resign immediately or be fired by the Secretary of Defense to guarantee the sanctity of the officer corps.”

Again, it’s important to emphasize that without actual transcripts, we can’t be sure exactly what was said on these calls and who was aware they were being made. But it’s also important to emphasize that the optics currently surrounding Milley are … not great.

Stay tuned, as this is likely to get a lot messier before all is said and done.