We still don’t know if the accounts in Bob Woodward and Bob Costa’s new book “Peril” of Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley working to undermine Donald Trump toward the end of his presidency are entirely accurate. But it seems safe to say that, if they are true, Gen. Milley is the bad guy in the scenario and should face consequences.

Some in the media don’t seem to see it that way.

Apparently Tom Nichols supports that. And — credit where it’s due — he’s owning it:

Thank you for conceding that point, Tom. Good Lord.


To be fair, though, Tom Nichols hasn’t concerned himself with the Constitution for several years now.

Maybe he never did.

Well, yes.

He was onto something when he wrote about “The Death of Expertise.” He just didn’t realize he was writing about himself.

Nichols’ next book should be called “Muh Principles.”