Joe Biden thinks getting vaccinated against COVID19 is a no-brainer, which is why he’s decided to fine employers whose 100 or more employees aren’t fully vaccinated.

Also, the vaccine doesn’t actually work and won’t protect you unless everyone around you is also fully vaccinated.

Basically, while Joe Biden wants to have as tight a grasp as possible on as many Americans as possible, he’ll never have a grasp on science.

You know who does understand science, though? Mary Katharine Ham. As someone who believes in vaccination, Ham is nevertheless irritated and disgusted with the Party of Science’s™ attitude toward those who haven’t yet gotten vaccinated.

Take a minute to read Ham’s thread:

Stop making sense, Mary Katharine Ham.

If the elitist snobs looking down their noses at those peons who have natural immune protection against COVID19 were actually interested in reaching the unvaccinated, they’d take Ham’s thread to heart. But their desire to be Better Than You will always trump their judgment — to their own detriment.