It’s always fun to check in and see what David Hogg is up to. Kid is funny as hell, albeit unintentionally.

Today is no exception:

Classic David Hogg. Never change, pal.

David’s taking the criticism for this about as well as he takes criticism for every other asinine thing he says.

And we still don’t care about his feelings.

Given how bad David Hogg is at spelling and grammar, we wouldn’t expect him to excel at equations, either.

Or at not being sexist and cis-heteronormative.

Many menstruating people also own AR-15s, David. FYI.


In fact, we’d go so far as to say that David would be a lot better off without an iPhone, or any other device that enables him to share the thoughts in his brain with the world. It just never seems to work out well for him.

We’re great, actually.