Can’t say we didn’t see this coming from a million miles away.

It turns out that AOC is not a fan of Texas’ heartbeat law. She explained why to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and let’s just say her explanation is extremely on-brand:

People who are not cisgender men, which is to say women or any menstruating person like AOC in this country. If you’re looking for a reason not to take AOC seriously, “menstruating person” is a great one.

Because of course they did.

It’s almost as good as the suggestion that proponents of the Texas heartbeat law are perpetuating rape culture.

Once again, for the people in the back: AOC is not a serious person.

Because that would require intellectual honesty and a reasonable amount of intelligence. AOC has neither.

Asked, and answered:


Anyway, we’ll leave you with this bit of food for thought: