It can’t be easy being David Frum, what with spending every waking moment of your life trying to atone for ever having held an even remotely conservative position at one point.

That’s right, folks. Having solved all other problems, David Frum can return to his one true passion: fighting the Second Amendment.

On September 1, the Atlantic published Frum’s piece about “How to Persuade Americans to Give Up Their Guns.” Here’s how it concluded:

You want to be a protective spouse, a concerned parent, a good citizen, a patriotic American? Save your family and your community from danger by getting rid of your weapons, and especially your handguns. Don’t wait for the law. Do it yourself; do it now. Do it because you just bought your first home, do it because you just got married, do it because you just had the baby you cherish more than anything in this world. The gun you trust against your fears is itself the thing you should fear. The gun is a lie.

As more Americans recognize the lie, they may notice a powerful new possibility. Once emancipated from the false myth of the home-protecting gun, they will find it easier to write laws and adopt policies to stop the criminals and zealots who carry guns into the streets. Win enough elections, and the federal courts will retreat from their sudden gun advocacy—and return to their historic deference to state regulation of firearms.

None of this will be easy, but it is not impossible. Over the past half decade, we’ve seen American society changed for the better through mass movements such as #MeToo. Now we need a new moral reckoning.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Greek writer Thucydides described the progress of civilization. It began, he said, when the Athenians ceased carrying arms inside their city, and left that savage custom to the barbarians. It’s long past time for Americans to absorb this first lesson from the first democracy.

As if that wasn’t good enough, here’s the piece’s accompanying illustration:

Just brilliant stuff all around.

But it turns out that Frum had more brilliance in store for us all, as this morning he’s decided to add “A footnote” to his Atlantic piece:

“The hazards of individual gun ownership.” With phrasing like that, you can probably guess what you’re in for.

After examining a pair of Supreme Court cases regarding the Second Amendment and militias (start here if you’re interested), Frum gets to the real meat of his beef with private gun ownership:

Well, David, that certainly is a lot of words. We’ll give you that.

We can’t honestly say that David Frum is completely useless, because he offers some really great insight into the sort of clownery that props up the gun control movement. And it’s important to be familiar with your opponents’ tactics. Which suck, by the way.

David Frum’s timing is typically terrible. This is no exception.

But there is a silver lining:



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