Now that the Texas heartbeat law is in effect, MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin is upset at all the members of the media who weren’t freaking out enough about Roe v. Wade being “gutted” (even though they’ve been freaking out about it literally for years). But at least Kyle can feel a little better knowing that MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Vance understands the gravity of the situation:

It’s bad enough that Texas’ law is restrictive and dangerous … but on top of that, it’s “facially unconstitutional, Willie”:

On top of being an MSNBC legal analyst, Vance is also a former Alabama U.S. Attorney. So you’d think that she’d at least understand why you don’t just throw something like “facially unconstitutional” around without understanding what that actually means.

We’re not lawyers or legal analysts, but even we know that what she’s saying doesn’t make any sense.


So are these tweets:

You’ve got to admire her commitment to the bit. Not just the “facially unconstitutional” thing, but also her contention that the law is “dangerous.” Dangerous to whom, exactly?

Because it keeps them on TV.