We imagine that Jen Psaki is pretty grateful today that the media’s focus has largely shifted away from the Afghanistan disaster and toward real scandals, like the Texas heartbeat law. She’s finally back in her comfort zone. You know, being a birthing person and all.


Well, that answers that question!

And Jen Psaki is about as proficient at giving good answers to questions as she is not making a complete ass of herself.

It really doesn’t make sense at all.

Wait … are those pregnant people women?

Can we still use the term “women”? Forgive us if it’s hard to keep up with this stuff.

Is there a rulebook somewhere that we can consult? This is all very confusing.

We need a journalist to ask a follow-up question about that, because that would be historic for a few reasons.

We’d like some clarity on that, too. We need clarity on a lot of things.