Thanks to the Biden administration’s flawless withdrawal plan, the Taliban are now in possession of tens of billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment, including weapons. A lot of weapons.

Thankfully, as Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler points out, those weapons are worth about $18 billion less than what Donald Trump and his cronies are claiming:

The Taliban only seized $65 billion in U.S. military weapons. So shut up.

This is the sort of quality fact-checking work we’ve come to expect from Glenn Kessler and friends.

Three Pinocchios!

The Onion or Babylon Bee couldn’t possibly top Glenn, though.

Without a doubt.

That’s the thing. Joe Biden is literally incapable of opening his mouth without lies spilling out, and Glenn Kessler et al. are hung up on — let’s face it — a relatively trivial nit to pick. The Taliban have our weapons. They can now use those weapons against us and anyone they want to. Isn’t that what matters?

And next time Glenn Kessler claims that he’s a serious person, remember this pathetic excuse for a “Fact Check.”