Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium was unconstitutional. That was the right decision, but it’s incredibly disturbing that it wasn’t a 9 to 0 decision.

That’s not the only incredibly disturbing thing about the ruling, though. Some lefties are so outraged, they’re really ramping up the tough talk.

Lefties like The Nation justice correspondent Elie Mystal:

Elie Mystal is just having a normal one. Normal for Elie Mystal, anyway.

And normal for Elie Mystal is insane.

Kind of surprised Elie hasn’t already made that suggestion.

But rAnTiNG aNd RAviNg is so much more productive!

We’re definitely getting there. But at least Mystal himself won’t be in charge of Democratic policy:

What a shame. Guess Elie will just have to stick to telling the truth about white people and the Supreme Court in The Nation. Lucky for him, The Nation doesn’t seem to care if their employees are out of their minds.

Evergreen question, Jim. The world may never know.



The Nation’s Elie Mystal explains that Joe Biden’s unlawful eviction moratorium extension is just ‘a rare act of presidential civil disobedience’