There are hot takes, there are scorching-hot takes, there are white-hot takes … and then there’s this take from Chris Cillizza:

According to Cillizza, calls for Joe Biden’s resignation are “ridiculous, for two main reasons”:

1. There was a time not that long ago where NO politician would even consider calling publicly for the resignation of a president while the number of American casualties were still being counted. It would have been considered abhorrent — playing politics on a day when we are all Americans first and members of a political party second. One of the many boundaries that Donald Trump shattered was this one; there is now no compunction about politicizing the deaths of Americans on a mission abroad. Everything is now political from the second it happens.

2. Do the members calling for Biden’s resignation actually believe that a tragedy happening — either in this country or abroad — is grounds for resignation? By that standard, George W. Bush should have resigned on September 12, 2001. Franklin Delano Roosevelt should have resigned after Pearl Harbor. Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Oklahoma City bombing.

First of all:

Um, so did we.

We’d like to think that even Bluto would be wondering what the hell Chris Cillizza is doing right now.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

Or apples and bananas, if Chris prefers.

Chris is too far up his own backside to talk to Clarissa Ward. Too far up his own backside to realize the utter obtuseness of his conclusion:

The Republican politicians calling for Biden’s resignation know, of course, that he isn’t going to step aside. That they do it anyway, knowing that the base of their party will not just tolerate it but celebrate them for it suggests how far our politics have fallen from even a decade or two ago.

Our media have fallen, too. Thanks in no small part to garbage hacks like Chris Cillizza.