CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward has more than proven herself to be an indispensable journalistic asset with her thorough and genuinely brave reporting from Afghanistan.

And her reporting has more than proven the Biden administration to be a house of cards — and a global liability.

Today, once again, Ward is a witness to the abject chaos that continues to unfold in Afghanistan, as the Taliban’s grip tightens and American citizens, foreign journalists, and Afghans’ situation grows increasingly dire.

Ward’s reporting is nothing short of heartbreaking. The news, maddening:

They deserve action. Instead, they’re getting a massive middle finger.


More from Ward:

Joe Biden’s knuckles must be bruised and bloodied from knocking on all that wood, yet it’s clearly done nothing to help Americans or the Afghan people.

How much worse does it need to get before the Biden administration wakes the hell up? What’s it going to take?

The Biden administration either needs to step up, or step down. Enough is enough.

In the meantime: