In a brazen act of cowardice, Joe Biden, the Leader of the Free World, caved to the Taliban’s demands, agreeing to stick with the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

Could it possibly get worse? Of course it could. And apparently it has:

From Reuters:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday the G7 had agreed a plan to deal with the Taliban, with their number one condition beingthat militants mustallow safe passage to Afghans wanting to leave the country even after an Aug. 31 deadline.

“What we’ve done today, the G7, is we’ve … agreed not just a joint approach to dealing with the evacuation, but also a roadmap for the way in which we’re going to engage with the Taliban,” Johnson said after an emergency virtual meeting of the leaders of the Group of Seven rich nations.

“The number one condition we’re setting as G7 is that they’ve got to guarantee right the way through, through August 31 and beyond, safe passage for those who want to come out.

This is fine:

Would the Taliban have been willing to listen to the G7 leaders? Given their unwillingness to cooperate on anything else, odds are not good. But at least the G7 showed some semblance of a spine.

Joe Biden’s spine is weaker than the Jell-O he gums every afternoon.