This afternoon, Fox News’ Bret Baier read an email from someone with boots on the ground in Kabul saying that the Biden administration’s message to anyone remaining in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline is basically “on their own.”

Well, to be fair, the administration is apparently still trying to figure out what their official position is:

But despite that uncertainty, we can be quite sure that means that Americans still in Afghanistan who have largely been fending for themselves already are about to be even worse off in the coming days.

CBS News correspondent Eena Ruffina reports on what one American citizen is currently experiencing as she watches her county abandon her and loved ones to bloodthirsty terrorists:

These are the choices they are being forced to make by an administration that’s been exposed for their utterly callous disregard for innocent civilians whose lives hang in the balance.

This has been nothing short of an abject travesty and a permanent stain on Joe Biden and his administration.