The Biden administration’s egregious mishandling of the situation in Afghanistan may look bad to you, but it’s probably just because you’re stuck in a bubble.

See? Everything’s fine. No front-page stories in Fresno, after all.

This is not a drill:

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that the United States’ foreign policy should be dictated by what other countries think about us, but this is the UK. There’s that whole “Special Relationship” thing. And to have Parliament so unequivocally condemn Joe Biden after not even a full year in office looks pretty bad. But honestly, it’s hard to blame them for holding him in contempt given the way he’s conducted himself and led our country thus far.

Recall yesterday when Conservative MP and Afghanistan vet Tom Tugendhat blasted Joe Biden for peddling a “shameful” narrative about what’s happening in Afghanistan (be sure to watch the whole speech if you haven’t already). Apparently Tugendhat was speaking for many of his colleagues.

That’s the thing: Joe Biden isn’t just losing Britain; he’s losing America.