When Joe Biden took back the White House for the Democratic Party, we heard from a lot of liberals both here and abroad about how America was once again worthy of the world’s respect.

Now that Joe Biden has been in the White House for these past months, the notion of global respect for the United States has all but flown completely out the window. And you know what? The Biden administration doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect right now. They’ve managed to blow the Afghanistan withdrawal at every turn, and their carelessness and incompetence has had and will continue to have horrific and deadly consequences.

Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, for one, has some thoughts on the ongoing situation as well as on Joe Biden’s handling of it. And, as an Afghanistan veteran who was fought alongside and was decorated by the U.S. 82nd Airborne, Tugendhat is in as good a moral position as anyone to share those thoughts.

Please take the eight minutes to watch him speak:

“This doesn’t have to be defeat. But at the moment, it damn well feels like it.”

And that’s thanks in no small part to the actions of Joe Biden and his administration. The effects of their poor leadership will be felt for years to come. And they deserve every bit of the outrage and vitriol being thrown at them.

The 82nd Airborne Division trained Afghan Security Forces, and Joe Biden painting the Afghan Security Forces as cowardly and weak is not only an insult to those Afghans who risked their lives to keep the Taliban at bay, but also to the American soldiers who helped them.

Both the U.S. military and the Afghans deserve far better than the Biden administration.

We won’t hold our breath.