Good news, Jennifer Rubin: you’ve got company. There’s actually someone else out there who thought Joe Biden’s disastrous remarks on Afghanistan today were good and made Joe Biden look good.

Ladies and gentlemen, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace:

Really, Nicolle? Really?

Yes, really:

The so-called “Biden Doctrine” is effectively “I did nothing wrong and this is all Donald Trump’s fault.” And Nicolle Wallace thinks that constitutes firm resolve. The only resolve Joe Biden has is to avoid taking any responsibility for his piss-poor decisions.

Yes! If by “interesting,” you mean “incredibly stupid.” Then it’s interesting as hell.

She’s apparently an amnesiac.

And Nicolle Wallace’s problem is with members of the media who point things like that out. Not with the president who got it so very, very wrong and won’t acknowledge it.


That’s quite an honor.

In other words: