The Taliban are wreaking havoc once more in Afghanistan, reportedly plundering cities and killing people while doing it. Because that’s their role in the international community.

Guess they decided.

The Biden administration’s not looking too good today … which means it’s up to the members of his Media Palace Guard to help out with the damage control.

Enter MSNBC/Peacock host Mehdi Hasan, mop and broom in hand:

First of all, Donald Trump was widely denounced by conservatives for even entertaining the idea of hosting the Taliban at Camp David, on the anniversary of 9/11, no less. So that line of argument from Hasan is pretty weak.

In addition to that, though, there’s also the fact that Hasan’s criticism rings decidedly hollow given what Hasan had to say about the Taliban just a little over a year ago. Maybe Hasan forgot, but Noam Blum didn’t:

Yes, let’s:

So, Mehdi Hasan was in favor of negotiating with murderous terrorists a year ago, and now that the murderous terrorists are doing murderous terrorism in Afghanistan again, negotiating with them was some crazy, toxic Trump idea? Oh come now, Mehdi. You don’t get to play that game.