The Taliban is currently in the process of retaking control of Afghanistan, and so far, at least, they seem to be succeeding. Thanks in no small part to the Biden administration, who’s just going to sit tight while the Taliban figures out their role in the international community.

The tweets out of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul haven’t been encouraging for those of us who think terrorism is bad. The news out of the embassy has been worse:

According to reporting by the New York Times, these discussions involve quite a bit of pleading with the Taliban:

Begging terrorists to go easy on you when you’re the Leader of the Free World is always a great look.

“No mean tweets” doesn’t mean much when your president’s spine is made of Jell-O.

Twitchy staple @ComfortablySmug, for one, is thoroughly disgusted by these developments, and he pretty much speaks for us on the matter:

Stunning in the worst way.


Don’t hold your breath, Smug.

In fairness, it’s hard for media to see everything that’s going on from within the confines of Joe Biden’s backside. And our enemies wouldn’t have it any other way.

At least Biden’s campaign slogan is working out for some people.