Back in May, we learned — but were not necessarily shocked — that CNN host Chris Cuomo had been advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on navigating the sexual misconduct allegations against the latter while also fulfilling his own duties at the network. After the extent of Chris Cuomo’s conflict of interest became public, Cuomo apologized for putting his CNN colleagues “in a bad spot” and vowed that it wouldn’t happen again. CNN also vowed that Cuomo would “not participate in such conversations going forward.”

Well, according to the Washington Post, it’s happening again — or, more likely, it never stopped:

“The governor, talking to Chris Cuomo & a few others, is defiant.” Did you catch that? Here it is again:

Cuomo, who is ensconced in the governor’s mansion in Albany and has not been coming to the office, is left with few advisers. Rich Azzopardi, his longtime spokesman, has said he plans to stay in his post. The governor also continues to confer with longtime adviser Charlie King, a lobbyist at the public strategy firm Mercury, as well as his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, according to people familiar with the situation.

Seems significant, no?

But Chris Cuomo promised he wouldn’t do it anymore! CNN promised that Chris Cuomo wouldn’t do it anymore!

Well, if the WaPo’s report is correct, then evidently they haven’t.

Sorry, but Brian Stelter’s too busy watching Fox News.

And Brian wants us to applaud CNN for the way they’ve handled Chris and Andrew Cuomo as well as feel bad for Chris Cuomo being put — by himself, mind you — in such an uncomfortable position.

CNN is a disgrace to journalism. At least to what journalism is supposed to be.