Last week, following New York AG Letitia James’ revelations about the findings of the investigation into sexual assault allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, CNN’s Brian Stelter wrote a piece about how CNN has handled their host Chris Cuomo’s own role in his brother’s scandal.

Stelter’s piece made note of the fact that Chris Cuomo didn’t address the scandal on his show at all.

And yesterday, on “Reliable Sources,” Stelter elaborated on the reasons for Chris Cuomo’s conspicuous silence. Stelter’s apparently quite proud of his coverage, as he’s been retweeting other media outlets talking about it:

CNN wasn’t worried about any conflicts of interest when Chris Cuomo joked about giant swabs with Andrew Cuomo on his show while nursing home residents were dying of COVID19. But we digress.

Here’s what Stelter had to say on “Reliable Sources”:

If that’s what Brian Stelter considers a “full report,” it’s no wonder CNN is a laughingstock.


We honestly can’t even with Brian Stelter. He’s just such a shameless hack. We’d be impressed by his shameless hackery if it weren’t so revolting.

To be fair, CNN is actually teeming with bad-faith actors.