Earlier, we told you about CNN host Brianna Keilar noting that “conservatives are capitalizing on [the border crisis] by demonizing immigrants as diseased spreaders of covid — with no facts to back that up.”

Narrator: There are, in fact, facts to back that up. Considering that Keilar works for a network whose tagline is “Facts First,” you’d think she’d be a bit more interested in putting facts first. But nope.

After getting called out for pushing her false narrative — instead of admitting to letting her partisan bias get in the way of accurate reporting — Keilar decided to push it even harder.

Here’s how Keilar puts Facts First:

BS dabbler, heal thyself.

She can’t.

You’ve also gotta love how people pointing out that unvaccinated illegal immigrants are coming in over the southern border without being tested for COVID19 are bigots according to Brianna Keilar, but Keilar suggesting that Republican Fox News viewers as a group are “fueling the surge” is totally fine.

Keilar is a superspreader of misinformation.

Too busy monitoring Erick Erickson and Allie Beth Stuckey for misgendering people.