CNN is Real News, Mr. President.

That’s why instead of having Chris Cuomo address Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal on his show or pointing out that Joe Biden deliberately flouted the Supreme Court and Constitution to extend the eviction moratorium, CNN’s looking for doctors to pester:

Among the “misinformation” Dr. Joseph Mercola has been a “super-spreader” of is that masks may not be effective protection against COVID19 and that the vaccines were developed quickly and thus could possibly be dangerous.

On the second point, we haven’t really seen any data suggesting that the COVID19 vaccines are dangerous to most people, and they do seem to confer a better, more effective immune response in people who contract COVID19 after being vaccinated as opposed to unvaccinated people who contract the virus. The fact that effective vaccines were developed so quickly is actually quite remarkable, in a good way. But concern about any vaccine developed so rapidly is understandable, if not necessarily warranted in this case.

As far as doubting masks’ effectiveness goes, Dr. Mercola is not spreading misinformation in doing that. Because there’s little evidence to suggest that masks are the difference between getting COVID19 and not getting COVID19. Hell, so many of the politicians and so-called public health experts touting masks and mask mandates don’t abide by their own rules.

Someone like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris is in a much greater position of power and has a much more massive platform than Dr. Mercola when it comes to spreading misinformation, yet CNN apparently has no problem with Biden and Harris casting doubt on the COVID19 vaccines while Donald Trump was still in office. No, CNN has to focus on the real misinformation superspreaders: the random doctor on Facebook.

This … is CNN.

This is harassing grandma for posting a meme all over again. CNN knows exactly what they’re doing.

Oh well. That’s just a risk they’re willing to take.