Today’s shaping up to be a rough one for all the Andrew Cuomo stans and apologists, thanks to that investigation concluding that the Luv Guv sexually harassed multiple women. And it’s always a rough day to be Tom Nichols, so you can imagine how badly he must be doing right about now.

But you don’t have to imagine; you can just see for yourself:

Where do we even start? Maybe here, just to ease our way into it:

Is Ron DeSantis in the room with you right now, Tom?

It’s never a good day for Tom Nichols to be playing any game. Because he loses every single time.

Tom Nichols may as well have tweeted that. He’s angrier at Cuomo’s critics than he is at Andrew Cuomo.


Maybe Tom hopes that we’ll just pity him so badly for being insane that we’ll forget what he’s actually said.


He is, in fact, stupid or something.

Who knows? We have to assume the padded cell he’ll be in will be soundproof.

As always.



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