While we’re sure that the Chinese government is grateful for all the chaos the U.S. is currently dealing with thanks to our own government and public health officials’ gross incompetence and ineptitude, there are still plenty of us who have not yet forgotten that the COVID19 buck ultimately stops with the ChiComs.

But, bless their hearts, the ChiComs are still lobbing squirrels at the wall.

Here’s Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying reminding us that Florida manipulated and hid COVID19 data:

But if that evidence isn’t compelling enough for you, maybe Rebekah Jones will convince you

The ChiComs are promoting someone with just impeccable credentials.

Honestly, we would’ve been shocked if they didn’t do this at some point.

If Rebekah Jones’ credibility weren’t already in the toilet, the fact that the ChiComs are favorably citing her would put her there.

It’s only a matter of time, we’re sure:

And scene.