Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport hated President Donald Trump. Like, hated him. Still does. When Joe Biden got elected, it was like a breath of fresh air. Dignity was back in the White House. Science was back in the White House.

Well, a little more than six months into Joe Biden’s term, things aren’t looking nearly as rosy as we were all assured they would. The economy’s on a downward trajectory, and the federal government is hellbent on dimming the light at the end of the COVID19 pandemic tunnel.

And even a diehard MAGA-hating liberal like Michael Rapaport is getting pissed off:

We never thought we’d say this, but Michael Rapaport is absolutely right.

While blaming Donald Trump for COVID19, Democrats led Americans to believe that vaccinations were the only real obstacle standing between panicked uncertainty and a return to normalcy (at least once Donald Trump was gone, thereby rendering the vaccines safe). They loved having that power over the rest of the country. But now that the vaccines have threatened to take away a lot of that power, they’re getting desperate. Hence painting vaccinated people as the new superspreaders.

Rapaport should be pissed off by that. Because it’s infuriating. It’s just a shame it took him so long to wake up to what we saw coming a long time ago.

Better late than never.

Will other frustrated, fed-up liberals speak up, too?