The last thing the CDC needs right now is another stake through the heart of their credibility.

Sucks to be them, then:

Ah, OK. So the one prompting the call for renewed mask mandates.

The CDC’s brief on “COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccinations” cites a paper, “SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 Delta variant emergence and vaccine breakthrough.” Sounds like it might be relevant to the current discussion on the Delta variant, until you take a look at what the CDC wrote:

“Vaccines not authorized for use in the United States” would certainly suggest that, yes.

Here’s the disclaimer at the top of the paper corresponding to citation number 96 in the CDC’s brief:

“Under consideration at Nature”? “Has not completed peer review at a journal”? And the CDC is citing it in a “Science Brief”?

This is fine.

Totally fine.

Incompetence is the CDC’s brand.



Hey, CDC … you guys have got some major explaining to do:

What the hell?

Clearly there is not.

And salt the earth.