Democrat Nikki Fried hopes to defeat GOP incumbent Ron DeSantis in the upcoming Florida gubernatorial race, but she seems to have hit some snags.

Namely her being a woman, according to her:

Nikki Fried is stunning and brave. And strong! She goes to the gym, you know.

So why is she resorting to essentially pre-emptively using her womanhood (can we still say that?) as an excuse for her impending defeat?

Yeah, Nikki? What about that?

Seriously, though, Fried’s logic is so obnoxious. Not to mention tiresome.

Sorry. When you’re intellectually lazy, persecution complexes are just how you roll.

To be fair, Nikki Fried isn’t likely to be elected Governor of Florida anyway.



‘Finally they admit it’: Dem Florida gubernatorial hopeful Nikki Fried says ‘the quiet part out loud’ in tweet predicting Ron DeSantis’ downfall