Did Joe Biden really say “My butt’s been wiped” here?

For what it’s worth, CNN star fact-checker Daniel Dale says no:

So, Joe Biden was just saying “What must be what?” It doesn’t really sound like that’s what he was saying. Plus, his sentence didn’t end with the right kind of inflection for question.

Honestly, what’s wrong with Joe Biden saying that his butt’s been wiped? That’s a good thing. We’d certainly hope that his butt’s been wiped.

It’s sweet of Daniel to want to help Biden out, though.

We’re sure the White House greatly appreciates Daniel’s services.

“They” don’t need to do anything to make Joe Biden sound like a nursing home resident. Joe Biden does that just fine on his own.

Here’s a fact-check for you, Daniel:

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.