Earlier, we discussed some of Joy Reid’s hot takes from last year regarding vaccines developed during the Trump administration, which have actually proven to be quite useful in the war on COVID19. See, Joy didn’t seem to think that we should trust “a vaccine Trump had anything to do with.”

Well, would you believe that Joy Reid isn’t the only MSNBC host with problematic COVID19 vaccine tweets in her past?

Glenn Greenwald dug up another troubling tweet, this one from Chris Hayes:

How is this OK, Chris?

Some people think Greenwald’s making too big a deal out of Hayes’ tweet because there was nothing wrong with Hayes’ tweet:

We do. It was bad. But so was Hayes’ tweet.

There’s nothing wrong with Hayes emphasizing the importance of finding immediate solutions to the immediate problem of COVID19, especially because so many in the media downplayed the seriousness of the disease at the start of the pandemic.

But there was also nothing wrong with “Donald Trump’s obsession/focus on a vaccine.” Because a vaccine was our best bet for a global strategy to end the pandemic. In his tweet, Hayes was suggesting that Trump emphasizing the importance of a vaccine and looking for short-term solutions were mutually exclusive. Those things were not mutually exclusive.

There was a great deal that we didn’t know about COVID19 at the time Hayes wrote his tweet. And it’s hard to blame Hayes for being frustrated by and afraid of the unknown, because a lot of us were. We didn’t know how many people would get sick or how many would die. But we also didn’t know the best way to kneecap the pandemic. We did know that a vaccine had the potential to do a lot of long-term good. And if Chris Hayes weren’t a hack, he would’ve given Donald Trump credit for pursuing a vaccine.

Here are some of those comments:

We had no reason to believe that, of course. But that didn’t stop the media and Democrats from running with that narrative for months.


Yep. Meanwhile, Chris Hayes didn’t have anything to say on March 4, 2020, when then-candidate Joe Biden vowed to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes if elected to the presidency. Guess he was just too upset by Donald Trump wanting a COVID19 vaccine.

Really boring theater.



So apparently Chris Hayes doesn’t think his tweet was a mistake:

Nice try, Chris, but no:

Correct. But Chris Hayes isn’t self-aware enough to care.

If that were true, he would have taken Joy Reid aside and set her straight. So he can spare us the self-righteous hero talk.