Politically speaking, there’s not much overlap between us and J.K. Rowling. But when it comes to misogyny and hate masquerading as trans activism, we’re right there with her.

Rowling has been pissing off the Wokeness Brigade with her contention that biological sex is real and that biological males who identify as women are not, in fact, women. And where many before her have buckled under the pressure, Rowling has stood firm. Even in the face of threats on her life:


So much tolerance, it hurts.

J.K. Rowling never dismissed the lived experiences of trans people. She never said they shouldn’t be treated with dignity or respect. She merely argued that biology is biology and not a social construct, and that erasure of women is bad for women and society as a whole.

And for that, radical trans activists have literally called for her head on a platter.

See what she did there?

True story.