It’s a great day for the Chinese Communist Party:

For the people of China (and Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Uighur Muslims), the outlook’s not nearly as sunny.

Which has us wondering what on earth possessed Elon Musk to tweet something like this about the CCP’s centennial celebration:

We have to hope that he smoked a mountain of weed before sending that out, because you’d have to be stoned out of your mind to come up with it.

To the List with you, Elon. Straight to the List.

If Elon Musk has actually spent any time in China, he must have gotten the VIP tour. The tour where China completely glosses over the fact that their economic prosperity and achievements in “infrastructure” are built on the backs of slave labor and a complete disregard for human rights.

Elon Musk definitely didn’t get the full picture. Either that, or he’s just refusing to see it.

Awful. On the plus side, though: