So far, Kamala Harris’ performance as vice president has been, well, sub-optimal. She’s managed to screw up pretty much everything she’s been tasked with doing, which is admittedly a lot as President Joe Biden appears to be incapable of even knowing which shoe goes on which foot.

But being the vice president is still her job, and it’s perfectly reasonable for Americans to expect her to rise to the challenge. At least we think so.

Ezra Klein apparently disagrees:

Wait. We thought Kamala Harris was stunning and brave, a strong, independent black woman who has spent her political career demonstrating that she has what it takes to be at the top.

Now Ezra is telling us that Joe Biden’s administration has to give her the kid gloves treatment if they want her to succeed.

But challenges are harrrrrrrd!

Kamala Harris literally ran for president, ostensibly because she was up to the tasks that are demanded of a president. And now, she’s second in command (unless you count Jill Biden, of course) to a doddering old fool who clearly cannot do his job. This is where she’s supposed to shine.

Instead, she’s faceplanted. Over and over and over again. That’s on her, and unlike Ezra Klein, we’re not going to make excuses for her failures. The only excuse Kamala has for failing so spectacularly is that she just straight-up sucks at her job. She’s just not a leader.

If Kamala Harris is serious about being president someday, she’d better learn to confront the “impossible problems” that come with the job. Because those problems don’t care which party she belongs to.