Conservatives, Republicans, and reality-based people are rightly calling out Jen Psaki for trying to pin local police budgetary and manpower shortages on Republicans because they didn’t sign onto the American Rescue Plan.

That’s a mountain of steaming BS, of course. But props to the Biden administration for just fully committing to the narrative.

Here’s White House Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin to take Psaki’s gaslight and run with it:

Welp, that’s good enough for Jennifer Rubin!

Keep it up, Jen, and maybe you’ll succeed Jen Psaki when she leaves.

You know what was hardly a secret? Democrats’ willingness to indulge — and sometimes enthusiastically participate in — the #DefundThePolice movement. We saw it every day. Protests in city streets across the country calling for police departments to be abolished.

Republicans weren’t leading those protests, last time we checked.


That’s not how any of this works.

Nice try, Mike. But no.

Joe Biden hires the best people, believe him.

The Biden White House really is a circus.

Well, it would have to be to work for this administration.

If they’re this scared less than six months in, just imagine what depths they have yet to stoop to in order to protect their bogus narrative.

The White House would take the gold.