When Joe Biden’s not available to lie directly to Americans, it’s nice to know that he’s got Jen Psaki to fill in for him. Hopefully when she’s gone, Biden will replace her with someone equally — if not more — gifted at gaslighting.

Hold up … what?

She was indeed:

We’ll give her this much: gal’s got chutzpah.

Jen Psaki should’ve been heckled right off that podium, right then and there.

There’s obviously no way that we can be aware of everything that happens in this country every single day, because we’re only human and it’s impossible to know everything about everything.

But we know enough about the #DefundThePolice and #AbolishThePolice movements to know that it’s not Republicans who are behind it.

No. She isn’t. But congratulations on being an intellectually incurious sucker.

Facts, schmacts.


The Biden administration and Democrats built this mess. They made this happen. And, like children caught in the act, they’re trying to pin it on the GOP.

Nice try, Dems. But no.

And rightly so.

But D’s are doing it. So they’ll likely get a pass from the media.

As far as a pass from voters is concerned? That might be a different story.

Sure does. Also tells you a lot about how the Biden administration and Democratic Party operate.

This. This is gaslighting.

We’d say Psaki and Dems should be ashamed, but can you really shame the shameless?

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