GOP Sen. Rand Paul is very much looking forward to seeing how the media will spin the #FauciEmails.

He likely won’t have to wait very long, as the media got started yesterday as soon as the emails were released to the public.

This was Forbes’ main takeaway from the damning email dump:

These are some “key facts,” according to Forbes:

  • The nearly 900 pages of Fauci’s correspondence in March and April obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and published by the Post Tuesday show him reacting with confusion to reports of his growing cultlike following as he pushed back against the Trump Administration’s controversial actions.
  • When a colleague emailed him a link to an article about fans making Fauci tributes—including doughnuts, candles, socks and art—the infectious diseases expert deemed it “surrealistic” and said he hopes “this all stops soon.”
  • He later forwarded a blog post entitled “Cuomo Crush and ‘Fauci Fever’ — Sexualization of These Men Is a Real Thing on the Internet” to a redacted email address, urging the person to click on the link.

The article does briefly touch on “the wide range of requests he was receiving from some of the country’s most powerful entities at the time.” No mention of the willful deception on Fauci’s part. Guess there just wasn’t room for that.

Anyway, at this point, on top of knowing that Fauci lied to the public throughout the pandemic, we feel comfortable saying that when it comes to how he claims he handled his celebrity status, he’s just as full of it.