Remember when Donald Trump was too soft on Vladimir Putin? Well, let’s all take a moment and thank our lucky stars that genuine tough guy Joe Biden moved into the White House and Russia found out who’s really in charge:

More from the New York Post:

The commander-in-chief made the revelation while delivering remarks to commemorate Memorial Day weekend on Sunday in his home state of Delaware, explaining that he offered a similar message to Chinese President Xi Jinping when they spoke.

“I had a long conversation for two hours recently with President Xi, making it clear to him we could do nothing but speak out for human rights around the world because that’s who we are,” Biden began.

“I’ll be meeting with President Putin in a couple weeks in Geneva making it clear that we will not, we will not stand by and let him abuse those rights.”

We’re sure that Putin and Xi will both straighten up and fly right now.

This … is President Joe Biden.



‘Is this good now?’ When can we expect the usual suspects to sound the ‘collusion’ alarm over this report on Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin?